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dentistry techniquesDental restoration is a fluid field of research that sees major leaps and gains within short periods of time. New dentistry techniques are constantly being developed and perfected in order to streamline the dental implants procedure and save consumers both time and money.

One of the most popular dentistry techniques that is changing the way dental implants are installed is the CEREC© 3D System, a revolutionary computer program that makes one day implants and crowns a reality.

About 15 million people in the U.S. already have crown or bridge replacements for missing teeth, and that number is growing by the year. Patients yearn for a time when they don't have to take off numerous days from work just to get a dental implant, which has been a huge obstacle for dentists in the past. Now, the best dentists offer CEREC© 3D technology to expedite the process and get you back to work, school, or your children. Placement of CEREC© crowns requires only one visit, as opposed to the traditional two or more days that are needed for more antiquated techniques.

The CEREC© method was developed by Prof. Werner H. Mormann and Dr. Marco Brandestini at the University of Zurich in 1980, but it's just now beginning to gain momentum as technology continues to advance. The process works by first taking an optical impression of your prepared tooth. The CEREC© machine then designs and creates a realistic, metal-free crown or veneer that fits directly into your natural bite. There has never been a dental technique that comes close to the efficiency of this procedure.

CEREC© same day crowns have proven to be one of the most effective dentistry techniques on the planet. Clinical studies have shown that its success rate is 95.5% after a period of nine years, and a whopping 84% after 18 years. When your dentist utilizes the CEREC© 3D System, they are providing you with sustainable oral health that will last for decades to come.

Find a family dentistry in your area that offers extensive oral health services in addition to the CEREC© 3D System. Even if you don't need a dental implant now, there's a good chance you or someone in your family will need one in the future, and investing time now to find the right dentist will save you tons of time down the road.

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