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Lancaster DentistThe Lancaster Dentist Blog is our way of letting you know both what's going on in the world of dentistry as well as news and events about us here at Lancaster Dental Associates.

We hope that you find our blog informative, educational and entertaining.  If you're ever looking for a dentist in the Lancaster, NY area feel free to stop in and say hello, or just drop us a line by filling out our contact form.

If you're just here for a good read, go ahead, have a seat in our chair, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your stay.  We hope you come back often.

Oral Health For SeniorsIt used to simply be a fact of life: as you got older, you were more likely to lose your teeth. However, with modern dentistry techniques and advanced preventative oral health services, that's hardly the case anymore.

Even though today's senior citizens grew up in a time without public fluoridation, without dental implants, and even without many of the cosmetic dentistry options now available, it is possible to take good care of your original teeth well into old age. Follow these tips and advice for a healthy smile to keep you looking young, no matter your age.

Dental ImplantsWhile millions of Americans file into their dentist's office twice a year for routine cleanings, many of them overlook the importance of other dental restoration procedures. Maintaining your oral health involves much more than mere cleanings, and you need advanced oral health services to truly restore your smile.

Dental implants have seen tremendous advances in the past several years, which means there's never been a better time to replace a broken or missing tooth. The best family dentists offer dental implant services in-house, which will save you from having to find another specialist to perform the procedure.

beautiful smileA beautiful smile is a winning ticket in practically any field, but especially so among Hollywood movie stars. You may think that all celebrities are just born with a naturally perfect set of pearly whites. But in fact, the secret to a beautiful smile is oftentimes the work of cosmetic dentists. The truth is that anyone can have a whiter, brighter smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry. So enough with the secrets -- here's how you can look and feel more confident in your grin.

dentistry techniquesWhile dentistry and oral care have been around for thousands of years, they've never stopped evolving. Even today, dental researchers and experts are working constantly to develop better techniques, technologies, and solutions to help people get the most out of their mouths.
Those efforts can directly benefit you as a patient. With modern dentistry techniques, there have never been more ways to help you feel confident and secure in your smile.

experienced emergency dentistDo you know what to do in the event of a dental emergency? In many situations, time is of the essence to properly fix and address injuries that affect your teeth, gums, or mouth. In fact, delaying your trip to the dentist could seriously increase your risk of permanent damages, infections, or complications.

Here's a quick guide on how to handle some of the most common dental mishaps and emergencies.

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