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Dental Implant

Dentistry is an ever evolving and advancing profession that tries to constantly improve and expand the possible treatment options available for the patient. At LDA, these advancements have led to a combination of two of our treatment options (Imtec Mini Implants and the CEREC AC Unit) to provide single tooth replacement in one day.

There are numerous factors that help determine if this treatment is a viable option for each individual patient situation or if a conventional implant is needed. Mini Implants are small diameter titanium implants that are placed into the upper or lower arch of a patient's jaw to replace a missing tooth. Since the implant is placed without exposing the bone, it can be loaded immediately with no healing time required.

Top Teeth with Dental Implant

The CEREC AC is then used to take an optical image of the tooth space and implant placed in order to fabricate the final all porcelain crown. The crown is specifically designed and milled out of a solid block of porcelain with the use of CAD/CAM technology to precisely fit the new implant into your bite and arch form. After the final try in and bite adjustments are made, the crown is then custom stained and glazed in our oven to match the surrounding dentition. The crown is permanently cemented in place and the patient leaves that day with a fully functioning new tooth!

If you need the best dental implants Buffalo NY has to offer then look no further. The doctors at LDA will carefully review your pertinent patient medical history, clinical and function presentation, and radiological evidence to evaluate if the one-day implant and crown option is right for your specific dental needs.

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